Community development orgnization engages Purple Group to brand & launch unique student housing model

The Resurrection Project engaged the Purple Group to develop and launch a new initiative: La Casa Student Housing. We developed the brand identity, the logo, tag line, web site along with the overall strategic framework to position this unique off compaus student housing model. To find out more, please look at our new case study.

La Casa Student Housing is intended to help students increase their chances of college success buy offering a live and learn community to students to support each other and grow. La Casa goes beyond a safe place to live by providing an on-site resource center with staff that aids students in the challenges they face in college.

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Purple Group selected to work on emergency preparedness campaign for the Ill-IN-WIS CSA

Purple Group selected as one of the local agencies to work on the Gear Up. Get Ready! It can happen! emergency preparedness campaign aimed at motivating residents in the Illinois-Wisconsin-Indiana CSA to take action by getting informed, getting prepared and being ready in the event of emergencies or catastrophic situations.   Thus far we have contributed to the branding of the campaign, developed the website www.GearUpGetReady.com, and are currently reaching out to the Latino media in order to create awareness and inform the public of where they can go to becomne better prepared.

The GearUpGetReady.com website was designed to serve as a portal to available inforamtion/sites in the CSA; thereby providing local information to residents in each participating county. The project is part of the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program and was initiated in 2008. It is a pilot program which if it is deemed to be successful will be rolled out nationally and potentially serve as a national model. The Purple Group is a sub-contractor in the project.

The campaign seeks to reach all communities across the CSA.

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Latino Council on the Media Honors New Generation of Latino Broadcasters

The Latino Council on the Media (LCOM) celebrated the new generation of Latino broadcasters. Several Latino Journalists were recognized by the organization and the major TV broadcasters. It was emphasized how important it is to have people, both on screen and in the backroom, who can relate and connect with the community.

Kris Gutierrez, CBS2
Daniella Guzman, NBC5
Michelle Gallardo, ABC7
Lisa Chavarria, Fox

It was announced that Anthony Ponce, NBC5 was promoted to morning and weekend anchor.

This new generation of Latino Journalists have essentially crossed-over. They represent Latinos and the new general market; they are comfortable in both the Spanish and the English cultural landscape. Welcome to the new Purple journalists!

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The Demise of Strategy?

Is strategy an endangered species or am I just getting old?

We all know that the new digital landscape has dramatically changed the speed at which we all work. Particularly, I feel it has impacted how clients think of deadlines. In the old days, one would never had heard of a full campaign researched, created, designed and implemented in two weeks; especially a fully integrated campaign. Yet, this is what we constantly face today. I am finding this rather aggravating as these extremely short timelines do not allow for a true deep drive into the psychology of the consumer, the needs, wants and demands, specially at a time when a consumer is more distrustful of companies, more conscientious of value, more savvy and seemingly always looking for the best deal. So, is strategy an endangered species or am I just getting old?

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Economic Growth and Job Creation

The Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation held its annual conference in which I had the opportunity to participate in a panel to discuss Economic Growth and Job Creation: Rebuilding in Innovative Ways. We all know that job growth and job creation is coming from the entrepreneurs in our society, as one, I feel strongly that access and real opportunities are critical to this growth. It is only through credible opportunities that we can work together to transform our economy.

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Reinvention is the process by which we make major changes or improvements in order to present something in a different or new way. Businesses that are not looking to reinvent themselves will not be addressing the needs of today’s and the future consumer markets. Today’s consumers are curious dichotomy of value driven and deal opportunists. How are you reinventing your business, products and services to respond to this duality?

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Purple is the equalizer

I had the distinct pleasure today of engaging in a conversation about what it means to be Purple with a group of very sharp individuals who given their cultural, artistic and societal interests seem to be truly in-tune and appreciative of what we are defining as the new American culture…Purple. Remember, it is our belief that as marketers and members of the broader society we are embarking on a new journey where multicultural is essentially becoming the total market. The new American culture is becoming a tapestry of interwoven cultures: Hispanic, African American, White and Asian.

One of the individuals asked me if I was… insinuating that the lines visible in our multicultural society where blending more and potentially disappearing (this is my paraphrasing of their question); I actually said that I was not insinuating this, but actually making the statement that yes, data and experience is pointing to the fact that the new generation of individuals growing, living, thriving in this country can no longer be finely bucketed. Today’s youth are growing up in a truly multicultural society and are not necessarily following a distinct path of identity but rather adapting traits and behaviors from everyone around them. Multicultural is leading to Purple, Purple is the equalizer.

Think. See. Be Purple.

Latino Talk Around Chicago

I attended two events last week, the Latino Policy Forum’s annual breakfast, Latinos and the Changing Face of America, featuring keynote speaker Ray Suarez, and the Lake County Chamber of Commerce, 4th Annual Hispanic Scholarship Gala, featuring Elba Aranda-Suh, Executive Director of the National Latino Education Institute.  Interesting enough the events had a very common theme, the Latino population is large, is young, is not graduating at the rates similar to their counter parts and a competitive American requires educated, talented individuals with a minimum of a college degree to fill middle skilled and high skilled jobs.  Lastly, Hispanics are expected to represent 50% of the nation’s labor force in the next 20+ years.

So, if you put all these things together, plus the factor that the baby boom generation will eventually start retiring in “masses”. The future is represented by a bilingual/bicultural community that speaks Spanish and English or one or the other.  These are the individuals that are the driving force of products and services. Latino’s are hitting the advertising sweet spot, entering a stage of life when consumers ‘consume’ the most: buy cars, electronics, homes, insurance, etc.  So how do you engage them?  In Spanish, in English, in both languages? How do you reach the multigenerational homes consisting of active grandparents, parents, cousins, aunts?  All with a different view of the world given the varying degrees of Purple? The short answer is… strategically and the approach must go beyond language.

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Why the Purple Group?

The economic recession caused by the financial and real estate meltdown combined with the new census that pointed to an ever-growing ‘multicultural’ society, has truly created a new game. Consumers are more conscientious, more value driven, savvier and more careful. Layer this with the fastest growing segment of the population, Latinos, and you get a new outlook, a new beginning. It’s time for brands to adapt or frankly…die. And no, brands are not too big to ‘die,’ as we have witness the past 10 years.

It is my belief that we have entered a new era where multicultural is essentially the total market. To be clear, let me define multicultural as I see it: in reference to a society, multicultural is the appreciation and acceptance of different cultures; but these cultures remain distinct and separate. We feel that we are on the cusp of change, we are experiencing a convergence of culture as the new generations acculturate, adapt and take on characteristics of all the cultures around them, transforming them into something new, the new American… what we call Purple.

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