The New Golden Age: Informed, Engaged & On the Go

This year’s Kellogg Marketing Conference explores today’s interconnected economy which provides marketers with new opportunities to identify and connect with consumers to drive impact.  A representative from Purple Group attended the conference, we would like to share what we felt was the most interesting takeaway from today’s portion of the conference: Today’s Marketing Imperative Should Be Defense – Interesting, since as marketers we spend most of our time on the offense - increasing market share, growing new markets, growing profits, growing customer base, etc. The speaker made a very compelling argument that companies need to focus real money and real time on defensive strategies – cut prices, big value promotions, better service & quality, keeping in-tune with your customers and how new technologies may be adapted by them.   Given the new dynamics of the highly competitive landscape that companies must survive and even thrive in today, we would agree!  After all, look at what Netflix and Redbox did to Blockbuster. According to today’s speaker, Choboni has taken 25% of the market share from Dannon and Yoplait. So are your taking steps to protect your business?

Think. See. Be Purple.

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