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Hispanics More Interested In Accessing Social Media for Customer Service – ‘Social Care’

New research from Nielsen suggests U.S. Hispanics have a greater interest in accessing social media for customer service than the general population.

Specifically, Latinos on social sites are 21% more likely than average to use what Nielsen calls “social care.” More than half (57%) have asked a question or voiced a complaint to a brand or company via Facebook, Twitter or other sites compared to 47% of the general population.

Hispanics also turn to social media more frequently for customer help, with 19% doing so on a daily basis, 30% weekly, 16% a few times a month, and the remaining 35% once a month or less. The findings build on research Nielsen conducted in early 2012 identifying Hispanics as one of the most social and digitally active demographic groups.

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The New Golden Age: Informed, Engaged & On the Go

This year’s Kellogg Marketing Conference explores today’s interconnected economy which provides marketers with new opportunities to identify and connect with consumers to drive impact.  A representative from Purple Group attended the conference, we would like to share what we felt was the most interesting takeaway from today’s portion of the conference: Today’s Marketing Imperative Should Be Defense – Interesting, since as marketers we spend most of our time on the offense - increasing market share, growing new markets, growing profits, growing customer base, etc. The speaker made a very compelling argument that companies need to focus real money and real time on defensive strategies – cut prices, big value promotions, better service & quality, keeping in-tune with your customers and how new technologies may be adapted by them.   Given the new dynamics of the highly competitive landscape that companies must survive and even thrive in today, we would agree!  After all, look at what Netflix and Redbox did to Blockbuster. According to today’s speaker, Choboni has taken 25% of the market share from Dannon and Yoplait. So are your taking steps to protect your business?

Think. See. Be Purple.

The Common Ground – Art.

In the new Purple world understanding which cultural heartstrings to cultivate is critical to success and even more critical as we reach across cultural lines to appreciate each other. The Alliance of Latinos and Jews is an organization whose mission is to build new and enhance existing relations between the Jewish and Latino communities by focusing on issues of common concern:  business and  economic development, policy/civic, and social and cultural affairs.  I had the distinct pleasure of attending their event, hosted by the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. As part of the event, we had the opportunity to enjoy an the exhibit – Rio De Palabras by Mexican artist, Blanca Rivera Rio.  Her collection of lithographs were impacted by her experience with African culture, she uses a combination of images and words to convey her vision of the world and illusion of the future.  She incorporates elements of African culture assimilating them in her vision. You can still see the exhit at (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) art gallery.  

Think. See. Be Purple.

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