Entrepreneurial Survival – Top Ten Tips

Re-Posting from 10/08/2012:
I had the pleasure of speaking at the Graduate School to a group of students taking an entrepreneurship class.  I shared my personal story of leaving corporate to start my own business and my own list of Top Ten Tips for entrepreneurial Survival:

1-Every dollar you don’t spend is revenue-  if it doesn’t truly contribute to sales and taking care of clients, don’t spend it!

2-Innovate/Reinvent/Redefine – Keep all your senses tuned to the market and your client needs.  Know the pain and provide solutions.

3-Be a partner –  there are more demands on organizations and the individuals in those organizations,  be there to listen, help, act and not just when you are getting paid.

4- Multiple revenue streams – ensure that you diversify your business within your core expertise (different client sectors, industries, etc)

5-Invest in marketing/sales

6-Rebrand yourself to the new market dynamics

7-Develop new partnerships/Expand your network – go where your competitors do not go.

8-No task is too small

9-Be alert and open minded to opportunities

10-Make sure you always save time to think

Think. Be. See Purple

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