Monthly Archives: May 2012

Latino Council on the Media Honors New Generation of Latino Broadcasters

The Latino Council on the Media (LCOM) celebrated the new generation of Latino broadcasters. Several Latino Journalists were recognized by the organization and the major TV broadcasters. It was emphasized how important it is to have people, both on screen and in the backroom, who can relate and connect with the community.

Kris Gutierrez, CBS2
Daniella Guzman, NBC5
Michelle Gallardo, ABC7
Lisa Chavarria, Fox

It was announced that Anthony Ponce, NBC5 was promoted to morning and weekend anchor.

This new generation of Latino Journalists have essentially crossed-over. They represent Latinos and the new general market; they are comfortable in both the Spanish and the English cultural landscape. Welcome to the new Purple journalists!

Think. See. Be Purple.

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