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Reinvention is the process by which we make major changes or improvements in order to present something in a different or new way. Businesses that are not looking to reinvent themselves will not be addressing the needs of today’s and the future consumer markets. Today’s consumers are curious dichotomy of value driven and deal opportunists. How are you reinventing your business, products and services to respond to this duality?

Think. See. Be Purple.

Purple is the equalizer

I had the distinct pleasure today of engaging in a conversation about what it means to be Purple with a group of very sharp individuals who given their cultural, artistic and societal interests seem to be truly in-tune and appreciative of what we are defining as the new American culture…Purple. Remember, it is our belief that as marketers and members of the broader society we are embarking on a new journey where multicultural is essentially becoming the total market. The new American culture is becoming a tapestry of interwoven cultures: Hispanic, African American, White and Asian.

One of the individuals asked me if I was… insinuating that the lines visible in our multicultural society where blending more and potentially disappearing (this is my paraphrasing of their question); I actually said that I was not insinuating this, but actually making the statement that yes, data and experience is pointing to the fact that the new generation of individuals growing, living, thriving in this country can no longer be finely bucketed. Today’s youth are growing up in a truly multicultural society and are not necessarily following a distinct path of identity but rather adapting traits and behaviors from everyone around them. Multicultural is leading to Purple, Purple is the equalizer.

Think. See. Be Purple.

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