Why the Purple Group?

The economic recession caused by the financial and real estate meltdown combined with the new census that pointed to an ever-growing ‘multicultural’ society, has truly created a new game. Consumers are more conscientious, more value driven, savvier and more careful. Layer this with the fastest growing segment of the population, Latinos, and you get a new outlook, a new beginning. It’s time for brands to adapt or frankly…die. And no, brands are not too big to ‘die,’ as we have witness the past 10 years.

It is my belief that we have entered a new era where multicultural is essentially the total market. To be clear, let me define multicultural as I see it: in reference to a society, multicultural is the appreciation and acceptance of different cultures; but these cultures remain distinct and separate. We feel that we are on the cusp of change, we are experiencing a convergence of culture as the new generations acculturate, adapt and take on characteristics of all the cultures around them, transforming them into something new, the new American… what we call Purple.

So for marketers a new segment is born, the total market, or as we are now calling it PURPLE! This is why I have changed our company name from Lopez Martin & Associates to the Purple Group. The market has changed and so must we. Lopez Martin psychologically represents Hispanic marketing and multicultural marketing; defined as a finite group of people that fit a certain ethnicity. We believe that white is also an ethnicity, a culture, and as such it too adapts changes and transforms just like the other cultures. So, through The Purple Group we are transforming ourselves, adapting to engage the total market with a different mindset, a different set of eyes, and with a different vision. It is our belief that the new ‘multicultural society’ is PURPLE!

We invite you to join us to Think Purple. See Purple. Be Purple.

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